How Do I Pay

Use one of these cards: VISA, VISA debit, VISA Electron, MasterCard, American Express or Paypal.

Installing Your SIPMiner Phone

Your SIPMiner phone is already preconfigured once received and will connect automatically to our network when you connect the RJ45 cable from the SIPMiner phone to your broadband router; you are now ready to make a call.

Problems With Your SIPMiner Phone

It your SIPMiner is not connecting to our network, simply unplug the SIPMiner phone from the mains power supply for five minutes and reboot the SIPMiner phone by plugging the mains back on.

Do I need broadband?

Yes. To use SIPMiner, you'll need a broadband connection and router, and a SIPMiner phone .

What if I move?

SIPMiner moves with you. Just plug in your SIPMiner phone wherever you are. Your number stays the same and you'll carry on making and receiving calls with your phone as normal. In fact, many of our customers who travel frequently love SIPMiner because it's so portable. If you take your Spiminer phone abroad, anyone can call you from the UK using your SIPMiner UK number - so no international call charges. For example if you're in Jamaica for half the year, callers can call your UK number, never paying international call charges.

What is an 03 Number?

Calls to 03 numbers are charged at standard UK National Rate - exactly the same cost as calls to numbers beginning 01 and 02. Numbers beginning 03 are not premium rate numbers.

In fact if you are calling an 03 number from your mobile in the UK with national bundle minutes, then that call will be FREE, that way you can make a call from the UK to a SIPMiner phone any part of the world, FREE of charge.

Can I send SIPMiner to a loved one abroad?

Yes, and it means you can stay in touch without either party incurring international call charges. SIPMiner-to-SIPMiner calls are always free.

Are there any hidden call charges?

NO, There aren't any, we have no connection, setup or cancellation fees