SIP Miner is great new service that lets you make international calls using the Internet. Whether you're at home or at your favourite wifi hotspot, with SIP Miner you'll be able to make huge saving on your international calls.

Using a VoIP phone

If you have broadband at home or in your office, you can use SIP Miner without the need for additional line rental or software. Simply connect one of our VoIP phones to you broadband router and you're ready to go! (Not sure what a VoIP phone is? For more information on how VOIP phones work click here) Check out our shop to find the best phone for you. Once your VOIP phone is connected to the Internet (via a LAN) you'll be able to make low cost high quality international calls.

How to set up your VoIP phone

  1. Open an account with SIP Miner (You will also need a SIP Miner number if you wish to receive calls)
  2. Select the SIP Miner phone you wish to purchase
  3. Connect your SIP Miner phone to your broadband Router
  4. Pick up the phone and call someone, SIMPLE

Using your PC or laptop

You can connect to SIP Miner with any PC or Laptop using a SIP Client Dialler. If you don't have SIP Dialler software installed on your PC, don't worry - there are lots of SIP Clients available for free. A few are listed below:

· 3CX · Zoiper · Linphone · X-Lite

You'll also need a microphone and speakers (a headset is ideal!) After installing the software on your PC, following the account setup instructions from your chosen software provider. Your account settings can be found under the 'Account Settings' section of your account.

Using your mobile phone

If you have a Smartphone (Android or iPhone), you can use our SIP Miner app to make international calls on the go. Simply connect your mobile to a Wifi network and your ready to go.

How to make a call

SIP miner to SIP miner

Dial 0330 xxx xxxx

SIP miner to a UK National Landline or Mobile number

Calling a mobile number:

Dial 07XXX XXX XXX (as if you are in the UK)

(Example: 07123 123 456)

Calling a landline number:

Dial 0207 or 0208 or 0330 (as if you are in the UK)

(Example: 0207 1234 567)

SIP miner to an international number (Except UK)

Dial 00 Follow by the country and area code

(Example USA 00 1, Jamaica 00 1 876 see country code list)

Calling a SIP miner number (Outside of the UK)

When making a call to a SIP miner number outside of the UK

Dial +44 330 XXX XXXX

(Example +44 330 123 4567)